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the difference between visiting and experiencing

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Vite di vignaioli – visita e degustazione alla Cantina Mereu di Sorgono

Vite di vignaioli – storie di vite, vite di persone straordinarieCantina Mereu Domenica 23 giugno – Sorgono Le alte colline...
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Un Caffè ad Armungia

Giornate per il territorio Primavera – autunno 2019 Iniziato ufficialmente il 31 marzo con l'evento “Su Priali – trame di...
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Valle dei Cavalieri

Il racconto della mia work experience Parte prima 6-7-8 aprile 2019 Non so se voi avete mai riflettuto sul significato...
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I was born several years ago among traditional breads and flours, and grew up surrounded by wheat fields and sweet hills (that everybody stubbornly calls mountains). Studying history of art allowed me to better understand the value of my origins and granted me knowledge and freedom.

Then, my further studies had me become a tour guide. It is this combination of awareness and training that underpins my love for nature and its trails, local traditions and their negotiated folklore, art and archaeology. And food, in all its forms – authentic treasure chest of people’s identity and culture.

For all of these reasons, I have decided to share my days with you and explore together the island where I live. We will savour its tastes, enjoy its beauty and wholeheartedly experience the full range of emotions this land enshrines.

My home is ready to welcome and show you the difference between visiting and experiencing Sardinia.

In my job and in my life, I like to share my work with people and friends who have my same vision.

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